Hermaphroditism, Sexual Preference, and Spiritual Judgment

I want a godly man (or woman) to tell me what The Bible’s view on hermaphroditism is.

If you are sporting one of each, you can’t possibly be gay right?

This would seem to me to be the ultimate sexual preference loophole, a biological condition that would circumvent harsh judgment from even the most zealous homophobes and religious fundamentalists.



Fuck Dynasty: Coochies Vs. Bungholes

So extending Phil Robertson’s logic…

If heaven is a place in which you are only granted entrance should you be attracted to the opposite sex, is a vagina like a Tardis or Super Mario Warp Pipe that grants a straight man an express pass to eternal Paradise?

In contrast, does this make an anus a Hellmouth?

*What about Miss Kay’s anus, is that a loophole or just a poop hole?


Some of you already know that Nashville has Batman iconography prominently featured in its skyline. What you may not realize however, is that the Pinnacle Building has Pai Mei from Kill Bill 2…

#FuManchu (iPhoto)


Higher ROI Projects than Karl Rove’s American Crossroads

Freddy Got Fingered
ABC’s “The Revolution”
Crystal Pepsi
Chris Gaines
GEORGE (magazine)
The “Human Centipede” franchise
Vanilla Ice House Flips
Dustin Diamond sextapes
The Brothers Grunt
Cabin Boy
Lindsay Lohan’s Music Career
The Chevy Chase Show
Kate Plus Eight
The Yugo
Van Halen III
Toaster Oven Cookbooks
Pootie Tang
Peavey’s “Wiggy”
NEC TurboGrafx 16


Rachel Maddow is a Goddess and an Oracle of TRUTH.

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How to Own a Tr_0II on HuffPost


"The billionaire donors are livid…"

Hah hah! The REAL America has finally spoken.

Money can’t buy you class, or elections EVER again… “Mittches” :)

*Young people really like voting now too. The game done changed forever ever…


LADYINRED28: “Your sounding pretty ignorant there. Did you steal that Mitches line from Beyonce on twitter? Yeah…shows you how cultured you are. You might want to go back to school and reeducate yourself on how to communicate better.

And, I think the Romneys have a little more class than your post suggests you do. And BTW, last time I checked, the Obamas are not exactly working class Americans…..

“the game done changed forever ever….” - wow, that is freaking genius text. I am begging you to continue to show the world how intelligent some of the Democrats are.”

BLOGBRASKY:(This comment was immediately rejected by HuffPost)

"Whoa there!

Do you write your HuffPost comments with an MLA guide at the ready? How much do I owe you for those pearls of wisdom?

Just having some fun with the language on “the game done changed”. “Forever ever” was an Outkast “Miss Jackson” reference.

The “Mittches” thing (which I saw online yesterday credited to Beyonce but I KNOW that had to be a Jigga thing) was directed towards the people that blindly threw money at that puppet in the hopes of ascending the Plutocracy, but WE BEAT THAT.

ALSO: I’m not a Democrat, but I did gleefuly cast my Obama vote like I was plunging a dagger deep into the dark heart of the Koch/Rove/Adelson BS Beast.

I’m a PROUD Independent/Centrist/Progressive REFORMIST.



An Election Poem

Romney pretends to be such a nice fellow.

Paul Ryan proclaims that he likes Tom Morello.

Don’t let yourselves ever be fooled by these men.

They misrepresent truths again and again.

YOYOS, and Baggers, and Birthers OH MY!

Confuse, and distort, and make up such lies.

If you value compassion and our nation’s future,



A Progressive’s Apology for America

There’s nothing wrong with saying “sorry.”

Mitt Romney today politicized his appearance during a speech at the Clinton Global Initiative, which was supposed to be a non-partisan affair. Ignatius Romney felt the need to break out one of his well-worn divisive “wink-wink” dog whistle lines, “I will not apologize for America.”

As much as the Right-Wing would like to think it a reality, President Obama is not going around sheepishly apologizing to foreign countries saying “our bad.” That being said, there is nothing wrong with saying you’re sorry when apologies are due, and our imperfect country has plenty of things to be repentant for.

With that being said, I WILL now apologize for America.

To our Non-American Earth neighbors, I would like to sincerely apologize on behalf of America for the following…

Trail of Tears, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Hasslehoff, Auto-Tune, The Drug War, Pop Country, civilian casualties in foreign wars, The Bush Administration, The McRib, Lil’ Wayne, FOX News, Ann Coulter, Fred Durst, Hank Jr., CGI Zombie Orville Redenbacher, imprisoning Marc Emery, Abu-Graihb, Jay Leno, The Hills, people who are “Old South”, John Edwards, Passions, Sarah Palin, For the Love of Ray-J, KFC’s Grilled Double Down, Backstreet Boys, Crystal Pepsi, Van Halen III, Rush Limbaugh, Sugarland, Honey Boo-Boo, Juggalos, Calista Gingrich, Lou Reed and Metallica, Enron, Ralph Reed, Dave Mustaine, Animal Practice, Chuck Norris, The Nuge, Kid Rock, Bath Salts, Madonna, Toby Keith, Bain Capital, Teen Mom 2, Hipsters, Chelsea Handler, the “Big Love” finale, Jay Leno (again), Innocence of Muslims…

and Mitt Romney.


What the hell else are you supposed to do in a dirty movie theater? Eat Buncha Crunch?

I’m sure this type of establishment has an employee who’s main duty is post ejaculatory cleanup. If Fred Willard doesn’t rub one out on the floor, what else is that dirty movie theater employee going to do?

That’s right America. FRED WILLARD IS A JOB CREATOR! 


Egypt’s new leader Mohammed Morsi looks like if Fred Armisen’s impressions of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and former NY Gov. David Paterson got it on and had a son…